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Leon Purley, DJ Civil Rightz, is the DJ behind In the Midst DJ Service. He and his wife, Sarah, were married in 2007 and have one son, Jared. Both are graduates from Oral Roberts University and attend Higher Life Fellowship in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

God gave them the vision of In the Midst to serve God’s people without compromising the Word of God. They are called to the ministry and strive to excel at every event to bring the glory of God. They believe that the music we listen to has a profound impact on the way a person thinks and acts. Music can determine what a person thinks is normal, what morals or values are "in", and what type of language they use.

DJ Civil Rightz started off as a secular radio dj in the music industry and then came to a point in his life where he felt his lifestyle of living was very displeasing to Jesus Christ. He thought chasing after the world making lots of money, playing music that empowered violence, drugs, sex, and full-fledge sin was the way to stardom and making a name for himself worldwide. He was wrong. His lifestyle was not a representation of God and it had this dj on the way to a place called "Hell". On April 21st, 2009 DJ Civil Rightz had an encounter with God about his life to either serve him wholeheartedly or perish for eternity. LeAndre’ Purley a.k.a DJ Civil Rightz devoted his life to Jesus Christ on April 21st, 2009 and has been traveling to every church and city neighborhood to witness the gospel through music and djing for our youth and young adults.

In the Midst DJ Service is ready to serve you at your next church youth event, Concert, Birthday party, Wedding reception, and Church conferences.

Always remember this when listening to music...

Would you want God sitting next to you listening to what you are listening to? Are the lyrics for Him or against Him? This is how they choose the music played at In the Midst DJ Service.

-Oral Roberts University Graduate-B.A. in Print Journalism.
-CEO of In The Midst Mobile DJ Service
-Youth Minister at Iglesia De' Amor/Church of Love
-On-Air Personality for a WorldWide Syndicated Radio show: Christ Invasion Radio Every Friday night at 9pm-3am on search: KORU MBOX
-Vice-President for Christian Record Label in Texas: Meekness Music Group.
-Tour DJ for Meekness Music Group.
-A&R for I-44 Management agency (Managing Christian artists/bands)
-Founder of "Christ DJ Academy" (teaching youth how to DJ for Jesus Christ)
-Owner of Global Kingdom Magazine
-Program Coordinator at Care Dynamics Inc.
-Endorsements with CrossWalkerz in Oklahoma (carrying the cross around town for Jesus Christ to reach the lost).
-Mixtape of the year 2011-Welcome to the Lightclub Vol. 1
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-In The Midst Tv on
-Christ Invasion Tv on